Friday, June 4, 2010


Luna Maya is the hottest topic in the entertainment world today. Hot videos played two people who resemble him and his girlfriend, vocalist Nazril Irham aka Ariel, circulating in cyberspace.

There are two versions of the video. There is a duration of 6 minutes 49 seconds. There is also a duration of 2 minutes 37 seconds. But, similar contents. The video shows two people who were connected like a married couple.

Not known with certainty the location where the video was made. Just look berseprai white mattress and 21-inch television that was lit to accompany them to the scene. On the left hip woman who looked like Luna had seen a small butterfly tattoo. Women also wear a white bracelet on his right hand.

The video images were dominated by women who looked like Luna's face it. While men like Ariel appears only occasionally. If seen closely, it looks like a picture taken of the man who looked like Ariel that, by using camera handphone.

The video began circulating on Thursday night (3 / 6) via Twitter posts, then dispersed in different Facebook account. Then the video was a topic of conversation in several Internet forums.

Yesterday morning (4 / 6), after guiding the show in the studio Powerful RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, Luna awaited many journalists. Of course players are going to the movie Cinta Silver questioned about the video. When asked, quickly and decisively Luna replied that it was not him. "I do not mind," he said.

Envy owner also states yet to see the video in question. "I have not seen, so do not want to comment," he said. But, certainly he was shocked over the incident. "I just know from the news. Yes, just today," said women's clothing label that issued the LM For Hardware.

Luna plans to prosecute those embarrassing moments. But, he did not have any clue about who will distribute the videos intimate. Kost-movie star Queen mopolitan the only answer would be to find out. "There goal nih people do it," continued the star beauty soap ad.

One reason Luna was not denied that the video itself is a tattooed woman in the video. While himself, according to his confession, never tattooing the body. "No tattoos. Oh well, I just sincere," he said.

Although the video was planned to investigate the spreader, Luna did not want to bring the matter to the legal sphere. Because, she added, her tired undergo the legal process. As known, the end of last year dealing with legal Luna because arguing with workers infotainment.

The case stems from a statement at Luna Twitter account, which states that the degree of infotainment is more despicable than a prostitute. He also mentioned that workers infotainment is a murderer.

By workers infotainment, Luna dipolisikan. Although the report was not to be processed and the two sides choose to settle, the case that, according to Luna, exhausting himself. "Hopefully, God's reply to (the video dealers). Amen. Thank you," added the woman born in Bali, August 26, 1983, it was.

Facing a variety of questions, Luna appear strong. But, once the interview is finished, Luna went to the toilet Powerful studio. When it comes out, looks like her eyes filled with tears from crying.

Okay John, the producer Powerful, expressed surprise with the existence may be bias towards one of the show's host. But, he assured that Luna's personal problems will not affect the Powerful. ? Earlier he was also normal. Given the script still want it, "he said.

Okay so far also not worried that the problem of Luna that will affect the image of these musical events. Therefore, there is already a commitment between his party and the hosts that remain a matter of personal problems respectively.

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